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Paï mu tan

Called " white peony ", this rare tea comes from the Fujian province. It has long silver-plated leaves covered with down. Summer or spring tea, it is very refreshing. Ideal for an initiation to white tea. Perfect in the morning, during and after lunch.


Brew from 5 to 20 min.


You can brew the same leaves again 3 to 6 times.

18.30 CHF/100G

Perle de Jade au jasmin

Chinese white tea, from the Fujian Province. Consists of the bud, the first and second leaves are rolled in to beads. The color of the liqueur is crystalline. With Jasmine.

Brew 5 to 7 min.

You can brew the same leaves again 3 times.

45.30 CHF/100gr

Yin Zhen Aiguille d'Argent

Chinese white tea from the Fujian province. Needle-shaped bud needle-shaped, covered with white hair. Crystal color liqueur. Sweet smell. The light floral scents of the white tea nuance the presence of jasmine. Hand picking only consists of the bud.


Brew about 3 to 4 min.

You can renew the infusion using the same leaves three times.

84.00 CHF/100gr

Gyokuro Asahi Perle de rosée

Green tea from Japan. The Gyokuro or "Precious Dew" is probably the most beautiful garden in Japan. Its leaves are very thin and dark, its liqueur has an emerald green colour and its taste is delicate and flavoured. The Gyokuro is very rich with vitamins. Ideal in the morning, during and after lunch.

Brew 45 sec to 1 min.

55.60 CHF/100gr

Pu-Erh Millésime 5 ans d’âge

This post-fermented black tea has been aged in a cellar for 5 years. Wetland taste, very dark brew and still low in caffeine. To discover and taste all day. Ideal for a cure.

40.- CHF/100gr

Bao Zhong

Oolong Formose tea. Its leaves are long, not rolled, with a dark green colour. The colour of liqueur is yellow with green glints. Orchid's flavour.

Brew 4 to 6 min.


You can brew again the same leaves 2 to 3 times.​​

69.10 CHF/100gr

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