Unique in Geneva:

​specialty coffees of 100% pure origins in limited editions !!!



Gourmet coffee, distinctive, fatty, with honeyed notes, with wild and exotic aromas. Its frank taste is long in the mouth, with a chocolate aftertaste.

This coffee is grown and processed today in the same way as centuries ago. Like their ancestors, the Yemenis cultivate coffee at very high altitudes, from 3150m to 3500m, without the addition of chemicals. picking of cherries is done by hand? selectively before the drying stage on racks.
Certainly one of the oldest appellations and coffee cultures in the world.

20.10 CHF/250gr


Kopi Luwak Sumatra 

Chic? The word is weak for such a coffee ... Its price is due to its rarity and a great caramel after-taste. Sweet flavor, almost chocolaty, intense and above all unique ... High density and power in the mouth.

90.- CHF/250gr


Inde Malabar moussonné

 totally washed and dried Traditionally by the monsoons, on the Malabar coasts.

this process reduces aciceness, and give it a heavy and syrupy sweetness, and intense aromas of roasted peanuts and spices.

a light roasting, called "amber", reveals a racy, smooth, woody and long-lasting taste.


9.- CHF/250gr

Hawaï Kona


The Kona coffee is famous for its unique and delicate flavour, without any bitterness. A strong body and a taste both sharp and smooth. A light taste, without any acidity. It is the best quality of Hawaiian coffee on the market. Furthermore, real Kona of pure origin is extremely difficult to obtain as the culture surface is limited. A soft and sweet walnut note provides for an exquisite taste. One for the gourmands and gourmets! 

36.- CHF/250gr

Burundi Gahahe

Burundi Gahahe coffee is unique because of the altitude it comes from. 95% of the coffee farms are located at more than 1800m. Its taste is mostly chocolate. The Bourbon variety is predominant with all the attributes for quality and a high level of production. While tasting the Gahahe, you will enjoy the highest quality of Burundi coffee, called "NGOMA", the coffee from the thousand and one hills of the heart of Africa.

8.- CHF/250gr


A new discovery to sparkle your taste buds :

a 100% Arabica coffee, pure origin, from the Jinotega location. The plantation is located with or without the shade beetwen an altitude of 1500m and 2000m.

Biggers and beaurifuls beans are selected, to realise thisTypica, bourbon, Catura variety.

its pleasant taste as a sweet flavor, without bitterness, a pleasant acidity, its citrus, lemon and grapefruit's notes, will give you a complete and balanced cup.

10.50 CHF/250gr

Costa Rica 

A coffee with character, powerful and aromatic. Cinnamon, fruity and vanilla bourbon notes. Franc, greedy, fleshy. Grown in the ideal conditions in the mountains of this small South American country, it is a beautifully tangy coffee, fairly full-bodied with a subtle taste of chocolate.

14.- CHF/250gr

Brazil Bahia Santos

100% mild Arabica with a strong taste. Natural coffee, with beautiful beans and refined in cup. Its suave and light flavor will remain long in the mouth. A coffee of great origin from one of the best plantations in Brazil.

8.- CHF/250gr

Colombia Excelso

​100% of ideal conditions for the cultivation of this coffee roasted in the old ways. High altitude, hot and humid tropical climate. Suave and very slightly tart coffee, combining finesse and richness in taste.

9.75 CHF/250gr

Guatemala Pura Vida Bio Claro

Bio & Max Havelaar Claro Guatemala Labels. 100% Arabica. Very good fine cup. Tangy coffee, full-bodied, powerful aroma of spices, pepper and a mild tobacco smell. High Altitude coffe 1600-1700 m of very high quality.

11.25 CHF/250gr

Colombia Excelso Decaffeinated

100% Colombia Excelso, but with a solvent-free decaffeination process that does not alter its sweet and slightly tart character.

 9.75 CHF/250gr

Moka from Ethiopia

100% Arabica. A "Grand Cru" from East Africa, characterized by its taste and its strong aroma. Sleek and soft Arabica , recognizable thanks to its wild taste. It is naturally low in caffeine. A Mocha from Sidamo, within the heart of the Ethiopian lands, making it a great wild and bewitching coffee. Offering a rare finesse and a delicately fruity scent.

12.- CHF/250gr

Boutique du Goût Gourmet Mix

Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, India Malabar, Sumatra, Haiti. Dominant aromas of dark chocolate, fresh bread, cloves, black currant and citrus and a hint of caramel. Powerful Body, pleasantly smooth.

9.75 CHF/250gr

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Since 1725, it has been cultivated in the inaccessible mountains of the east of this Caribbean island. This premium coffee is exclusively exported in wooden barrels. This coffee, famous in the world, is characterized by a slightly sweet flavor with a delicate round spicy note.

70.50 CHF/250g

Eco capsule vide

New : empty compostable

ECO CAPSULE  compatible Nespresso®*


A combination of know-how and innovation that preserve the essential flavors of coffee.

Convinced that some consumers appreciate their own quality and ground coffee, VEGEPLAST offers the ECO CAPSULE, an empty capsule to fill.

This innovative biodegradable filling capsule offers a new alternative to pre-filled capsules.

VEGEDISC preserves the essential aromas of coffee and produces exceptional coffee.

These empty single-use capsules benefit from the latest generation of biodegradable self-adhesive lids (patent pending).

The choice of a freshly brewed artisanal coffee of the espresso type: thanks to the ECO CAPSULE, design your own coffee blends.

You decide the origin of the coffee, whether organic, fair trade or exceptional.

15 CHF/Box

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