Yin Zhen Bai Hao

2018 Spring Flush's white tea, delicate taste, slightly floral, close to orchid. Offering a lot of delicacy, rich in vitamin C, and especially antioxidants, it would be the richest plant for vitamin A. In the past, this great tea was exclusivly reserved to the Emperor and was harvested by young virgins, who were wearing white gloves and used scissors in gold! Only the 1rst bud of the tea plant is harvested, without any more processing, except drying in the sun, during 48 hours. RARE.

196.00 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling 1st Flush MAKAÏBARI BIO              2018

​Darjeeling India green tea - STGFOP 1 - Season 2018


​Founded in 1857, this garden is famous not only for its best «First Flush ", but also for the carried attention from his owner S.K. Banerjee to the environment. Young plants interspersed with green particles picked during dry season. Gold liqueur and delicate taste of ripe fruit. Brew 3’.

31.70 CHF/100gr


14 years old Vintage Pu-Erh


Green tea, a great vintage semi fermented raw tea, out of cellar 2015. One of the rare high level Pu-Erh tea, naturally aged in cellar, and no brick compressed, to better appreciate beauty of the leave, and quality of the brew. RARE .

173.00 CHF/100gr

21 years old Vintage Pu-Erh


Green tea, a great vintage semi fermented raw tea, out of cellar 2015. Also ne of the rare high level Pu-Erh tea, naturally aged in cellar, and no brick compressed, to better appreciate beauty of the leave. Stronger taste tha the 14t years old from its more prolonged aging. RARE .

310.00 CHF/100gr


White China's tea tea, carefully perfumed with exotic fruits pieces, papaya ( the richest fruit in vitamin C), pineapple, citrus...

Bursting with refreshing flavors, to dream, under the sun ...

Brew 4'.

18.50 CHF/100gr

Comme un Ouragan

Flavored green tea – Exclusive blend from la Boutique du Goût..

Need peps? Fill up with antioxidants and amino acids, associated with the benefits of ginseng and ginger delicately sprinkled with pieces of nectarine and pineapple: a vitality hurricane forecast!

Brew 3'.

15.90 CHF/100gr

Le Grand Bleu

​Diving at the heart of this blend of Chinese black tea, pieces of red and black fruits, adorned with stalls shaped sugar blue dolphin...


Brew 4’.

9.90 CHF/100gr

Les Rives du St-Laurent

Fill you up with antioxidants and vitamins through this flavored white tea with pomegranate pieces, cranberry and elderberry. Freshness and pep insured. Follow the river from North America to Canada, just by closing your eyes.

Brwe 4'. you can use the same leaves 3 times.

17.- CHF/100gr


​Thé noir de Chine aromatisé à la cerise, à l'amande et à la vanille, avec des fleurs de bleuet et de rose.

9.90 CHF/100gr

L'Arche de Noé

Authentic blend from La Boutique Du Goût.

Apricot invited her friend grenade to give you a special taste. This is also the country where Noah was arrested with his ark on Mount Ararat, the highest summit of a volcanic chain and high mountain ranges. The nectar of this tea will bring you pleasure and make you dream ...

Brew 4-5 minutes.

11.90 CHF/100gr

L'Eternel Voyageur

​Subtile blend of Chinese black tea, decorated with pieces of red rhubarb fruit and a hint of liquorice. 

Brew 4'.

9.90 CHF/100gr

Ma Cabane au Canada

Want to relax in the nature? close your eyes and let yourself be transported by the China black tea deliciously flavored with this incomparable nectar of maple syrup.

A moment of pure relaxation.

Bew 4'.

10.90 CHF/100gr

Sous la Palmeraie

​Besoin de respirer l'air pur d'Orient: fermez les yeux et laissez vous emporter par ce subtil thé noir de Chine parfumé de morceaux de dattes et de mandarines, on s'y croirait...

Infusion 4 mn.

9.90 CHF/100gr

Un Eté à Capri

​Thé vert aromatisé - mélange exclusif La Boutique du Goût.

Mélange de Sencha de Chine aromatisé de morceaux de pamplemousse et de fraise, joliment décoré de pétales de rose.

Infusion 3 mn.

10.90 CHF/100gr



Soleil Rouge

​Green China's tea, delicatly perfumed with cheryy plossoms, an antioxidants cure, worthy of the greatest samourai.

Brew 3'.

10.90 CHF/100gr

Tout Amande

Thé vert de Chine aromatisé - mélange exclusif La Boutique du Goût.

Thé vert de Chine aromatisé de morceaux d'amandes fraîches, parsemé de fleurs. Une agréable pause détente en perspective.

Infusion 3 mn.

10.90 CHF/100gr

Vue Sur Le Lac 

Thé noir de Chine et Oolong aux arômes de pêche, abricot, fruits rouges, vanille et rhubarbe. Un régal chaud ou froid

10.90 CHF/100gr




Full of minerals and vitamin C, favor to sweet raspberry flavors, and antioxidant and vitamin C from grapejuice and China's white tea.


A natual concentrate of benefits for a perfect Zen attitude.

Brew 4'.

17.00 CHF/100gr

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