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Japanese Teas

Japan is a big tea producer, and exclusivly for green tea. Since green tea is a noble product, only 5% of the production is exported. It is therefore a rare product.

Genmaïcha Sélection

Blend of Japanese green Tea, grilled rice and hulled corn kernels.


Brew 3 min.

11.80 CHF/100gr

Vert Bancha Houjicha Grillé

Grilled green tea from Japan. Lightly grilled and very cool taste. Very low with theine. Ideal to accompany salted dishes.


Brew 4 to 5 min.

18.40 CHF/100gr

Sencha Fukuyu Natural Leaf Special Selected

Green tea from Japan with leaves that are not rolled but  folded.


Brew 3 min.

17.40 CHF/100gr

Gyokuro Asahi Perle de Rosée

Green tea from Japan. The Gyokuro or "Precious Dew" is probably the most beautiful garden in Japan. Its leaves are very thin and dark, its liqueur has an emerald green colour and its taste is delicate and flavoured. The Gyokuro is very rich with vitamins. Ideal in the morning, during and after lunch.

Brew 45 sec to 1 min.

55.60 CHF/100gr

Matcha en boîte de 30g

Green tea from Japan, crushed between two stony millstones. It is the traditional tea used during the tea ceremony in Japan. A high quality specially chosen for us by the plantation.  

65.80 CHF/30gr

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