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Darjeeling tea has traditionally been the most prized of all black teas, especially in countries of the former British empire. Indeed, Darjeeling tea has always been considered the "champagne of all teas". It has a unique flavor of muscat. We find more and more green tea and Oolong from the region.


Darjeeling First Flush  ARYA BIO        2021

​Darjeeling India green tea - STGFOP 1 - Season 202


This wonderfull 1rst Flush comes for the famous ARYA garden.

Magnificent first flush, live from the famous Arya Garden in Darjeeling province. Certified socially responsible, organic, and unblended agriculture, this tea is distinguished by its prestigious provenance, known as a producer of some of the best Darjeeling teas. Its light and delicate, fresh, and intense sweet almond flavor demonstrates the freshness of this 2021first flush.

Brew 3mn.

31.70 CHF/100gr

Quai des Indes 

Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri. These three regions of India join in this soft and balanced blend. 

Brew 4'.

9.30 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling FTGFOP Himalaya

​Superior blend consisting of an important proportion of first crop teas. Regular leave interspersed with numerous green particles, indicating harvest by dry weather. Orange liqueur and light taste of ripe fruit. Ideal in the morning.

Brew 3 mn.

17.90 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling GTGFOP1 Arya RARE

​Green Tea. Located just outside the town of Darjeeling, this prestigious garden produces green tea with regular whole sheets. Infusion with straw color, subtle, fresh and remarkably soft. A rarity to discover.


Brew 3 to 4 mn.

15.70 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling Earl Grey

Earl Grey lovers can now enjoy a great Darjeeling tea.

Brew 3 mn.

22.20 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling FOP Finest

​Blend of the best Darjeeling with a round, smooth and constant taste. You can enjoy it all day long. 

Brew 3 mn.

16.30 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling FTGFOP Singbulli

Vast garden located West of the Darjeeling district, on a high plateau bordering with Nepal. Notable for the consistent quality of the crops. Tea light in cup. Bold and fragrant with a delicate tip of green fruit. To enjoy plain any time of day.

Brew 4 to 5 mn.

22.10 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling Jungpana

Small garden producing rare teas located in the district of South Kurseong. The lots have been selected from the Mahaldiram division, the highest. Spring tea with thin leaf and straw colored liqueur. Lively and extremely fragrant, exceptional bouquet.

Brew 3 mn.

24.70 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling TGFOP1 Makaïbari

Founded in 1857, this garden is famous not only for its "First Flush", among the best, but also for the great care that the owner S.K. Banerjee has for the environment. China plants, leavesinterspersed with green particules, harvested during the dry season. Golden liqueur aith a soft taste of rape fruit.

Brew 3 mn.

24.20 CHF/100gr

Darjeeling FTGFOP Castleton

Garden located just above Makaibari where on a clear day, one can see the Himalayas and the peak of Kangchenjunga. World renowned for his second harvests that taste of muscat. Regular leaf and liqueur with a fine dry fruit bouquet.

Brew 3' to 4'.

27.60 CHF/100gr

Oolong Darjeeling Arya Golden Tips

​Exceptional semi-fermented tea!
To enjoy all day long.

Brew 5 to 7 mn.

45.60 CHF/100gr

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