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Thé Vert Chun Mee

This green tea draws its name of Chun Mee which means “ eyebrow of old man ” and reminds the form twisted by its leaf. A well-built green tea, which, as the gunpowder, invites perfectly the idea of preparing tea with the mint.

Brew 3’.

6.00 CHF/100gr

Gunpwder Spécial

Green tea which distinguishes itself by its leaves rolled in small tight balls which give it the aspect of the gunpowder. Some qualify it as pearled tea.


Brew 3’.

9.00 CHF/100gr

Lung Ching "Puits du Dragon"  

Green tea of China, Lung Ching is probably the green tea the most toning up and the richest in vitamins and amino acids. It produced in Zjejiang province, around the famous western lake of the city of Hang Zhou. Its leaves are big and beautiful; it has a clear liqueur and has a very fresh taste. Ideal f

Brew 2 – 3’.

23.90 CHF/100gr

Yunnan Silver Hill Selected

Green tea of China. This very beautiful garden is the best of Yunnan .Its liqueur is clear and it has a flowery taste. Ideal for the morning, all day long and after lunch.

Brew 3’.

15.70 CHF/100gr

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