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Ceylon teas are among the best known and are used in several blends. The great Ceylon Pure Origins conceal, however,  real jewels, often vibrant, which are to be discovered plain.

Ceylon BOP Extra Adawatte

Pure Ceylon suited for the big morning tea drinkers. Rich and powerful taste. Red candy color. Drink with milk or lemon.


Brew 3 mn.

8.10 CHF/100gr

English Breakfast

Subtil blend of Ceylan and Assam BOP teas. With or without milk.

8.30 CHF/100gr

Ceylon OP Pettiagalla Special

Large plantation located in the center of the island of Ceylon, on the foothills of Dimbula, famous for the quality of its liqueur. Black and twisted leaves. Sweet and fruity tea, soft in mouth with a note of caramel.


Brew 4 to 5 mn.​

11.90 CHF/100gr

Ceylon OP Saint James

At the heart of Uva, on the prestigious territory of Malwatta, St James produces only a very small amount of Orange Pekoe, that we get directly from the planter. Fawn and uneven leaf. Deep orange liqueur. Bright and fragrant tea with a strong local character.


Brew approx 4 mn.

12.10 CHF/100gr

Ceylon FOP Kalleboka Gold Tips

Tea with fine leaves pigmented with gold tips, combining strength and finesse into the cup.

Brew 4 mn.

11.90 CHF/100gr

Ceylon OP Mahagastotte

Founded in 1875 and considered to produce the "champagne" of Ceylon tea, the Mahagastotte plantation - the place of the giant trees - is nestled at an altitude of 1800m. We selected a special batch, created from the finest ancient plants, lightly fermented to capture the subtlety and uniqueness of a Nunara Eliya tea. Clear in the cup, very aromatic, best enjoyed plain or iced.

11.90 CHF/100gr

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