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Kenya FBOP Marinyn 

Tea seasoned in the infusion of copper-coloured red colour. To consume preferably with a slice of milk.

Brew 4’.

8.50 CHF/100gr

Rooibos Naturel 

Drink without caffeine so called " red tea " and coming from South of Africa. To be consume all day


Brew 5'.​

9.00 CHF/100gr

Rooibos Earl Grey

"Red Tea" from South Africa, flavored with bergamot.


Brew 5'.

9.00 CHF/100gr

Rooibos Richmond Cannelle Orange

«Red tea» from south of Africa south flavoured with cinnamon and orange


Brew 5'.

9.00 CHF/100gr

Rooibos Bourbon Vanille

«Red tea» from south of Africa flavoured with soft vanilla from Madagascar.


Brew 5'.

9.00 CHF/100gr

Rooibos Vert fruits Rouges

Rooibos green flavoured with red fruits and pieces of blackcurrant, whortleberries, strawberry and cherry.


Brew 5'.

9.90 CHF/100gr

Rooibos aux épices

«Red tea» from south of Africa flavoured with spices.


Brew 5'.

11.90 CHF/100gr

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