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 Oolong Teas

Oolong or Wulong teas, means "Black dragoon" in mandarin language, and it is also in China by his brew colour : it is called "blue-green". high quality and very populat tea in Asia, with embettering, with woddy, chesnut and hazelnut notes.

Oolong Ti kuan yin "Déesse en Fer de la Miséricorde"

Semi fermented tea, made of long dark and silky leaves. Unusually perfumed and tasty, it accompanies meals ideally. brew 4 – 5’.

11.90 CHF/100gr

Grand Oolong Fancy

Semi fermented tea,  in the long barely rolled leaves, a clear  infusion. For the “gourmet”, eat a piece of milk chocolate as an accompaniment. A real delight.

 Brew 4 – 6’.

19.10 CHF/100gr

Milky Oolong

Exceptional Oolong tea very lightly fermented, it is grown on the best parcels of Fujian Province, the wealth of the land associated with the climate gives it a unique character. Its ancestral manufacture will delight you. Sensation of milk, butter and vanilla. Its liquor is pale green, and it is low in caffeine. Ideal in the late afternoon and evening. 15g / liter.

Two infusions are possible.

 Brew from 5 to 8 minutes.

37.10 CHF/100gr

Bao Zhong

Oolong Formose tea. Its leaves are long, not rolled, with a dark green colour. The colour of liqueur is yellow with green glints. Orchid's flavour.

Brew 4’ to – 6’.

You can brew again the same leaves 2 to 3 times.​​

69.10 CHF/100gr

Oolong Formose Fleur d’Oranger

Semi-fermented tea  lightly flavoured in the flower of orange tree, very sophisticated . Ideal in the evening or before bedtime.

12.20 CHF/100gr

Oolong Formose Dung-Ding

Aquamarine tea of Formose. Dung-Ding or Frozen Peak has a very nice garden, which is from the mountain of the same name. Its liquor is orangey and has a delicate taste. Ideal at the end of day.

Brew 4 – 5’.

29.00 CHF/100gr

Oolong Darjeeling Arya Golden Tips

Special mid-fermented tea. To enjoy all day long.


Brew 5' to 7'.

45.60 CHF/100gr

Perles de Formose 

A great first for this fabulous tea harvest, on July 2011 on the top of a tea garden, high altitude, untapped during 10 years, and for the first time, completely hand rolling. Fermented in a natural area, to keep all savours from those tiny leaves, with natural peach and mango aromas. Very low in caffeine, perfect for evening or for children. RARE!

284.00 CHF/100gr

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