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Black teas, with woody and smoky flavours, accompany wonderfully salty food, one of the best choice for cooking. those strongtaste teas stay swet and  are never embittered.

Lapsang Souchong Extra

Smoked on wicker racks with roots of spruce fir, broad leaves, light in cup, with the flat savoury foods or seasoned.

Brew 4 - 20 ‘.

6.90 CHF/100gr

Earl Grey Fumé - Vésuve

​Black tea of China lightly smoked flavoured with bergamot.


Brew 4'.

9.00 CHF/100gr

Chine Fumé Pointes Blanches

Blend of China teas, lightly smoked interspersed with white bids.

Brew 4 – 6’.

10.80 CHF/100gr

Tarry Souchong

Black Chinese tea, with a more stronger taste, some people use it unconditionally.

Brew 4 – 20’.

16.20 CHF/100gr

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