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Keemun BTOP Supérieur 

​Province of east China. Leafs are very fine and bored in a regular aspect.


Brew 3 - 5 mn..

6.00 CHF/100gr

Grand Yunnan TGFOP

Acknowledged for his fineness and his delicate taste, it contains very numerous gold tops. The harvest is up to 2500 meters in the province of Yunnan.

Brew 3 - 5 mn.

8.10 CHF/100gr

Szechwan TGFOP

Very fine leaves bored by a regular aspect. Soft, sweet-scented and poor tea in caffeine, ideal for the consumption in the evening.

Brew 3 - 5 mn.

7.70 CHF/100gr

Yunnan Pu-Erh Mandarin

​Coming from Yunnan province, this very dark tea has very characteristic taste of humid earth and promotes, according to Chinese traditional medicine, digestion and dissolves grease. Its leaves are brown red and the infusion goes from the vinous to the scarlet. Originality: it improves in due time!


Brew 4'.

9.00 CHF/100gr

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